Poterie Tao women's pursuit of return to bring you a different feeling of life

You spend an hour or two every day carefully dressed for your pleasure, or intoxicated yourself? Most of the options may be the former, but such a state will have a tired day, do it yourself, occasionally intoxicated in their own world, had a comfortable life. Just as Poterie Potter examines fashion with its own perspective, uses its own tentacles to comprehend life, and pursues a simple, a return, a rustic, in order to express the woman's quiet, wise, charming and bright.

Cotton Canvas Tarps are made from 100% natural cotton canvas fabrics, so they will eventually shrink or stretch. the shrinkage will depend on the amount of exposure it gets. when constantly exposed to humidity, rain and uv rays, canvas tarps will eventually shrink. canvas tarps are not very resistant to stretching, tearing and ripping. Do not put too much tension on the grommets when securing this cover on an item. The cotton carps covered wax , these products not recommended for car or boat covers , The wax on the canvas may be wiped off .

Cotton Canvas Fabrics

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