2013 bingo animation autumn and winter new orders will be grand opening

Sun is like fire, strength bloom. May 15 morning, China's leading animation brand, "full industrial chain model" on behalf of enterprises - Beannick 1850 Creative Park in Guangzhou grand occasion of the new autumn and winter 2011 Plum Fruit Order and Merchants Association. With high quality and high-level orders, Bingo Animation will demonstrate the strength of Bingo brand and interpret the autumn and winter fashion trends with the new autumn and winter series of high quality products to convey the cultural connotation of Bina's brand in a diversified and comprehensive manner so as to make guests We appreciate the extraordinary charm and strength of fruit. "MY WORLD MY STYLE" is the theme of this order fair, but also the theme of the new autumn and winter 2011, which indicates that Berry has entered a brand new stage of development - the era of individuality! Mr. Kong Xianglin, Chairman of Billionaire Animation Group, said at the opening ceremony that during the ten years of development, Billionaire Animation Group will continue to explore and seek opportunities to combine the actual situation with the actual development of the company. Fruit is a symbol of dreams, fruit is a pragmatic business, it is the dream of support, based on the moment, looking to the future. Looking around the world, nearly 80% of animation derivatives from the Pearl River Delta region, the fruit is to seize this opportunity to develop rapidly, with the product, the release of width. At the same time, the fruit pay attention to personality show, and it infiltrate the product. Now, Berry products will usher in a new round of revolution, product segmentation, personalization is becoming evident, bags and other types of stores will be gradually emerged. Mr. Kong introduced the guests to the executives and departments of the nine branches of Bengo to show the future plan of Bengo from the sales channel, product strategy to promotion strategy and the combination of point and line to tell everyone that Bengo will leap forward Development to repay everyone who supports Berry fruit. The success of an enterprise is inseparable from the brand building, brand building has a huge impact on marketing, the brand's development trend is more concerned about the business of merchants who are most concerned about. At the ordering meeting, Mr. Fu Wenyao, Director of Brand Center of Animation Fruit, explained the direction of the development strategy of the brand. The director has served as a consultant to many famous brands at home and abroad and has a profound and unique understanding of brand promotion. He said that Pinocchio will collaborate with Hizbullus, a well-known Hong Kong design company, to redefine Pinocchio VI and develop a unified VI system standard. With its anime-based elements and its deep exploration of brand value, BINGO will extend its business to more industrial platforms in addition to developing a wider range of products. BINGO Resort, BINGO Theme Restaurant, BINGO Children's Hair Houses, etc. In the planning. In the near future, BINGO has also become more diversified in its promotion. Not only has it promoted through new media such as micro-movies and live-action live-action TV series, but also cooperated with well-known record companies to make use of artists' propaganda and interactive exhibitions with art institutes, Fruit will eventually lead the era. Subsequently, the director also show at the meeting for the 2013 store new image planning renderings, showing a new style of the design department store - paradise-style shopping kingdom, the dream is about to come true. 2013 autumn and winter new theme is divided into "line, type, star" three series. Ms. Chen Yijing, director of Fruit Center, showed the concept of new autumn and winter theme of Bourdain Fruit: convey positive energy, show unique personality and pursue star style. The design of this new autumn and winter more detailed, traditional and innovative combination of technology, and much anticipated by the internationally renowned design artist Nakata Kazuo according to the characteristics of bingo to black and white lines to create a hand-painted series. At the same time, with fruit market demand, this year's autumn and winter will increase the bag products, product strategy and the close combination of five bands of new promotional activities, so that the new fall and winter fruit can dominate the market. After the conference, merchants, led by Pinnacle Business Manager, visited the autumn and winter new showrooms in 2013 in the Creative Park and personally felt the visual impact brought by Pinnacle products. In 2013, three years of new autumn and winter fruit ordering fair and investment association will be held. For the first time, Beanie will introduce fashionable fashion products and innovative unique cultural connotations throughout the order. Billion fruit animation will highlight the strong brand charm, continue to lead the development of Chinese animation, cheer for the dream, cheer for tomorrow!

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