Jamie Milanti children's wear summer new fantasy paradise series design concept show

Jie Milan Landi children's clothing fantasy theme park Description: In the mysterious fantasy paradise, there are beautiful coral area, the mysterious jungle, the ancient castle. The little ones are different in shape, each with distinct personality, but also love each other, they like to look for the joy of life, like to adventure in the valley. In the process of happy growth, the children are lively and cheerful, love life, like to learn, in the face of difficulties we all trust each other, help each other, solidarity and friendship. This series of products through the wonderful and interesting way to convey the friendship between children, love. Jamie Milantian children's clothing fantasy paradise series core style: T-shirt, skirt, shorts, basic colors: yellow, blue, pink, white. Selection of knitted, woven, jeans, taffeta and other cotton with high volume, breathable, comfortable, high-quality fabrics. Design ----- Fashion-oriented, fashion-led innovators! Jie Milan Lan Dili children's clothing is based on the practical, dynamic, childlike free urban fashion lifestyle design reflects the children's playful, lively, cute, cartoon, comfortable. Jie Milan Landi children's clothing from the perfect design, production quality control, always reflect the rigor. Quality is my "life"! Focus on the development of product functionality, provide more protection for children, and more comfortable wearing experience! Concerned about the health of children, the concept of environmental protection into the product development which unlimited zoom!

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