Urban woman heart all the family landed Yangjiang Bay - to a walk away


We have the mood of the United States and the United States, all the way west, we guess where our destination is? Where is it? Where is it? (Important to say three times, hee hee)


Sharp-eyed friends have seen it, yes, this urban woman heart all the family landed in the Grand Canyon Bay, Yangjiang, a two-day overnight walk


Here, blue sky, white clouds, beach, most of the most important, attractive seductive bikini crush everywhere! ! ! ! (Many still wear the heart of our urban women Oh!)


High-spirited, passionate, this is the spirit of the heart of the city woman, regardless of work, or play. We surf, we run, we play, we play games, behind the sweat, we reap happiness, enhance friendship, of course, also compete for countless awards.

Good times always pass so fast, two days and a night Cape Dragon pull off the curtain. After a very enjoyable and enjoyable time, we embrace this passion and devote ourselves to our future work and life. On the way, we move on ...

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