OMG! Are you wearing these Altman shoes again?

Ben Wang, July 13 hearing, probably every woman's shoe will be hidden in a variety of stylish shoes. However, summer came, walking on the road and seeing a variety of breathless Altman shoes, Xiao Bian just wanted to say: The picture is too beautiful to dare to look at! Terman shoes, you caught it?

Muffin Sandals

Do you think that wearing a pair of platform shoes can make up for the difference in height? Putting on such platform shoes makes it easy to turn your feet and say nothing. If you are not careful, you will be intimate with the earth. Look at that jagged sole, Xiao Bian wants to cry. Xiao Bian, but want to headshot, would like to understand why so many crush are crazy.

Hole shoes

The devil's hole in the shoes of the world, a good partner in the summer rainy days, can be seen, the dull perforation looks like, as long as the sets, regardless of the children of the elderly, or the beauty of fresh meat, all the way is the way A person!


Hot boots, Xiao Bian must say, don't spoil their legs anymore! People are getting hot to melt, and you still have to toss this pitiful footless baby, be careful of beriberi, what's hot rash lice look for? On you!

Aunt rain crystal shoes

Xiaobian really wants to say, don't be deceived by their colorful appearance! Why do beautiful girls have to put on such a pair of shoes? Even if you dream of having a pair of crystal shoes like Cinderella, but the prince is not It will appear on rainy days for you to put on such a pair of crystal shoes.

Roman shoes

It is a nation that loves fighting. It's shocking to look at the bandage. If you do not have slender jade legs, Xiao Bian advises you not to wear them, or else the small pieces of fat will protrude out of the way. This sturdy condition will make you unbearable. Hey, it's estimated that when you're finished fighting with the straps and you put on your shoes, you have to come in winter.

Sports high heels

Do you think you are rough, but do not want to lose the unique femininity of women, so slightly, you wear high heels that show power and beauty. Do you think you are a female pig in Jurassic World? You can also run Tyrannosaurus Rex in your high heels. However, Xiao Bian has to say that Aunt Claire is a beautiful girl from head to toe and will never wear such double-heeled sporty heels.

Nuns shoes

Saying that this canvas shoes Xiaobian also has a pair, but since the girlfriend was saying "You became a nun," Xiao Bian completely broke the desire to wear it again! Amitabha ~

Thick floor running shoes

After reading this, Xiao Bian really wanted to laugh! Can a running shoe like this really run? Maybe you are a god-class athlete, so this is only a small case! However, Xiao Bian still advises you Let's give it up. This shows you that your legs are short.

Perspective shoes

Summer loves coolness and understanding, so many crushes will choose such a pair of perspective shoes. It will feel like a dream, but it will also show off their slimming feet. But Xiao Bian thinks, can you really determine that others will like it? Well, it is just that the toenail that is full of dirt is exposed in front of people, and the summer thick beriberi is floating through the gauze. It's really only a matter of hell.

Xiao Bian has long been tired of these pseudo-fashion! Can not help but really sigh once again, you guys will really play in the city! You must not move! (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Cooperation brand : WOG shoes , Annie shoes , Zhuo Shini shoes )

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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