How to take a casual fashion home suit vest + cowboy

Working women are not easy to get to the weekend weekends and on-weekdays usually choose to enjoy this comfortable time at home, so relaxed moment, then choose the appropriate dress must be very necessary. Delicate ladies will certainly be prepared for their own home service, casual fashion home service how to take it? A comfortable vest with jeans, will allow you to take the trend fan.


The same is also the home to wear the United States and the United States and da da, this bright yellow loose sleeveless vest comfortable and stylish version, a bit like a two-piece vest unique and visually can bring a beautiful fresh feeling , So you can enjoy a more enjoyable weekend, the lower body with a wild jeans, fashion Van full.

休闲时尚家居服怎样搭 背心+牛仔

Red has always been the kind of passionate color, this big red vest, not the same cotton material, very personal wear effect, gentle and delicate care of your skin, with a dark denim shorts, comfortable wear To bring you a certain sexy femininity, more attractive.

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