Mother and daughter new product recommendation fashion hot mom and Meng Po out of the street style

Open a circle of friends, microblogging and other social software, you will find that there is such a group of people, they do not soul chicken soup, non-sun food photos, travel photos and selfie, they have a common feature, that is, already have a baby , They have a title called "hyun doll", yes, they are keen to send all kinds of baby photos and information Daddy, Mommy. Baby was born, made a; baby will laugh, send a; baby will climb, send a; baby will be called "Mom and Dad" and then a ... ... even the baby poo, but also to one, Simply sweet does not work, killing a large group of single dogs. Xiao Bian today to bring you into the highest level of hyun-wah, that is to wear with the baby to wear parent-child, together as if no one "show love" it. White shirt + grass color skirt + canvas bag proper literary Fan wood there? Small fresh taste full of wood there? High-end cotton fabric breathable breathable sweat, soft and comfortable, bring you and your baby a good skin-friendly experience; small stand-up collar, Puff Sleeve also, three-dimensional thin stripes and elastic cuffs are designed to highlight the personality; Smart, 尽显 small fresh literary style. British wind how to create? A white shirt, a black skirt, a black leggings, a pair of British leather shoes mix and match, the British style flew; fine lace hook shirt jacket, simple style extremely sweet interpretation of the sweet style; lower body black Slim skirt And Leggings collocation, classic, fashion, beautiful, stylish mommy and saucy baby combination, go back to rate is full. Image Source: Angel stage brand

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