[Terminal wins, the channel is king] Free fashion point of market expansion does not stop

Apparel industry, the deepening of the degree of fashion, people's apparel requirements are more emphasis on quality, apparel brand has become the pursuit of fashion show personality as a symbol. In the clothing brand growth and development stage, the brand must improve the performance, we must attach importance to the terminal building, with the focus on consumer contact with the terminal management.

时尚自由点 -Free point.

In the context of the rapid and uneven apparel market in China, as well as the continuous impact of "Internet +" thinking network sales, the brand "big reshuffle" is unavoidable. In the process, the brand occupies a place by hard power. Obviously the terminal is Winning links.


2015 is Free Point fashion brand first year, the company "fast fashion" brand strategy and "cheap" business model in the rapid expansion of the national market, setting off a whirlwind of fast fashion. In addition to further consolidating the brand effect in the South China market, the market share of fashion-free points has also been significantly improved:

In May, the Fashion Free Trademark signed a contract to enter Lanzhou, Gansu to open a new journey in the northwest market and plans to complete the strategic layout of Shaanxi, Qinghai and Ningxia during the year.

At the beginning of July, the free fashion spot ushered in Shanghai, Henan dealers to join, a breakthrough opened the Central China, East China market, and as radiation, in order to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hebei in Anhui and other places to open up a broader market ;

In the third quarter, the fashion free point will go further. The goal of 20-30 new stores will be planned on the basis of the blank market in the country and the existing layout. At the same time, we will open more outlets in major shopping districts in small and medium-sized cities across the country The image of the store, a full set of free fashion brand image of the benchmark.


Terminal winning, multi-channel attack on the national market, the freedom of fashion point forward will never stop. Achievements China's most viable fast fashion brand, people are free to work hard, but also need more people with lofty ideals to join the free family!

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