How to judge whether there is any cheating between the soundproof window models

At present, the soundproof window industry has not yet unified the production standards of soundproof windows and the specification of soundproof window models. The whole industry is quite chaotic. Except for some environmental protection companies, even the glass shops in the streets and lanes all claim to be able to make soundproof windows. Professional soundproof windows need effect. Experience, many business products sound insulation is not up to standard, so take some cheating behavior when setting up the soundproof window experience room, Guangzhou Jingmei home soundproof window here for you to help, whether the business has cheating behavior, mainly based on the following aspects To judge:

First, the location of the sound insulation window model:

The sound insulation of professional soundproof windows is about 35-45 decibels, and the noise environment where users need to install soundproof windows is generally harsh, such as fast roadsides, highways, viaducts, train tracks, light rails, and main roads. Fully embody the soundproof window effect, the model room of the soundproof window should be set beside the main road and the secondary road with serious traffic noise. If it is installed in a remote location where the noise pollution is not serious, it is impossible to reflect the sound insulation in the case of poor noise. Users should be fully aware of this when experiencing the soundproof window model. Is the external noise of their living room much louder than the noise between the models? If you do not carefully consider it, the effect will be unsatisfactory after installing the soundproof window.

Second, the distance between the soundproof window model and the road:

In order to experience the real sound insulation effect, the model room of the soundproof window should be set within a distance of 10-30 meters from the straight line of the road. If it exceeds the range, there is suspicion of cheating. We know that the farther away, the sound will decay during the propagation process, and the noise entering the room will be smaller. For example, when a large vehicle passes by, the window has a slight vibration. The closer the distance is, the more obvious the vibration is, and the more severe the low-frequency noise is. This phenomenon is very common, especially for low-rise residents.

Third, the size of the window between the soundproof window model:

The smaller the window, the less noise is entered into the room. In order to improve the experience, many merchants deliberately look for small rooms with windows as model rooms. In fact, they deceive consumers. This is not a real sound insulation. The family we live in basically has windows of 2-5 square meters, and the balcony and floor-to-ceiling doors are larger. As we all know, the more sashes, the more cracks there are, and the noise outside is more likely to penetrate. However, the soundproof windows with high quality and sound insulation can be very sealed whether it is a large window or a balcony, achieving the ideal sound insulation effect.

Fourth, whether the walls of the soundproof window model have soft packaging:

Whether the interior walls of the model rooms are flexible or not, if there is a soft package, the noise coming in by the windows is absorbed by the attraction materials used in the flexible packaging, and the original soundproof windows are not so ideal. But in fact, the family we live in will not use soft packaging, so the quiet effect is applied to the customer's home, but the effect will be greatly reduced.

5. Whether the floor between the soundproof window models is carpeted:

Carpets are good sound absorbing materials, while professional sound absorbing carpets work better. If carpeting is done in the soundproof window model room, we can judge its cheating. The sound absorption of the carpet is very good, and the professional sound-absorbing carpet can absorb 5-10 decibels.

The above is a summary of some of the cheat behaviors between the models. Therefore, when looking at the sample rooms, we must carefully judge why many customers complain: “The effect of installing soundproof windows in the home is different from that between the samples, and there is no good effect between the models. The result is, in the final analysis, the cheating between the templates. Therefore, we must pay attention when experiencing the soundproof window model, do not blind the imaginary.

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