Summer underwear choose what color black nude color your safe color

Choosing summer lingerie is the color of the most troublesome choice, the color is very attractive to attract the eye, but the hot summer tend to choose some cool and transparent clothing, so if you are wearing this time wearing colorful underwear, then you are foreign Exhausted. So Xiaobian tell you here Oh, the summer choose black and nude color is the most secure, most perfect. Then look at the beauty of the underwear cocoa underwear bar, give you a different summer.


Do you know why you choose black? Because wearing black underwear, even if you look through, it will not feel unexpected, but have your own careful machine, will create a more sexy. This black underwear set, integrated into the gold print, sweet lace, excellent gathers, so you have a perfect curve.

夏季内衣选什么颜色 黑色裸色你的安全色

Why choose nude color? Because the nude color close to the perfect yellow color, so even under the transparent coat you will not expose your underwear, to avoid the embarrassment at the same time also more perfect show Waichuan apparel style. This underwear, wide shoulder strap out of the shackles of traditional underwear, more relaxed.

Photo Credit: Cocoa Underwear

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