[Common Textiles Manual] Beachwear


Also known as beachwear. Sunbathing or beach holiday clothes at the baths. Because it is worn in summer, the style is simple, natural, lively and full of vitality. There are usually three-piece beach suits, namely bikini swim suits, beach jackets and beach shirts. With the advancement of the society and the development of personalization, there have also been random combinations, including swimwear, miniskirts, culottes, beach pants and suspenders. Evening dresses, sun dresses, sarong skirts, bathrobes, gowns, shawls, hats, beach shoes, sunglasses, etc. In short, from a personal favorite, all kinds of costumes are on the hot beach of Daisy, and at first glance it looks like a colorful, colorful world. The fabrics used in beachwear are soft, sweat-absorbent, breathable, and easy to wash. They are mainly made of cotton, such as knitted fabrics, terrycloths, twill fabrics, mesh fabrics, etc. They are brightly colored and bright, with more selections of bars, flowers or seascapes. The stucco is thick, with youthful vitality and unrestrained feeling.

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