JORYAweekend Zhuo Ya weekend women 2015 autumn advertising

JORYAweekend Zhuo Ya Weekend 2015 autumn image shooting, JORYAweekend Zhuo Ya weekend 2015 autumn series with fresh colors, natural materials, three-dimensional cutting, humanistic temperament, to create a blend of human and nature, elegance and leisure at the same time visual feast.

JORYAweekend Zhuoya weekend autumn 2015 women's style, its style around the "fine, casual" two keywords, autumn inspired by the thinking of the rhythm and fashion, adding retro sweet style, into the fashion cowboy elements and sports and leisure new look, apply to the workplace , leisure, partying, presenting the modern fashion charm of urban style.

JORYAweekend Zhuo Ya weekend women's 2015 new advertising pictures

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