[CARMEN | Caman] working day, a beautiful beauty pressure office!

卡蔓 - Carmen

【CARMEN | 卡蔓】工作日,一起來美得艷壓辦公室!

Classic black and white color and basic version of the shirt version is definitely not too stylish, use the finest fine imitation printed fabric, business wear fashion break too serious stereotypes. Light and elegant silhouette, so posture has become light up. Delicate neckline design as a bright spot, with a pair of black trousers will be very good color.

【CARMEN | 卡蔓】工作日,一起來美得艷壓辦公室!

Chic shirt collar design, the biggest bright spot is the thin waist belt decoration, embedded in the golden section line, fit the waist lines, filling the curve 窈 窕.

【CARMEN | 卡蔓】工作日,一起來美得艷壓辦公室!

Retro straight dress, straightforward straight cut. Intimate sleeve design, thick arms are not seen it. Large color of the combination, simple and elegant, 尽显 your intellectual temperament.

【CARMEN | 卡蔓】工作日,一起來美得艷壓辦公室!

The perfect self-cultivation of pants for all body shape, all the shortcomings of the lower body are all perfect to cover up, capable style is still wonderful modeling, wearing the season's most popular Siamese wide leg pants, to do the office "smart lady!"

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