Collection agate starts from three points

With the gradual recognition of agate, there are more and more people collecting agate.

The color of agate is bright and varied. Because of its hard texture and stone, the carving of agate is more time-consuming and labor-intensive than other jade. It takes dozens of processes to make it. Therefore, the more complex and characteristic agate is. The collection value is higher; the thinner the agate is more difficult to engrave, of course, if the sculpture is successful, it will have a lot of appreciation space.


The picture shows the two agates that the reporter got from Hami.

Recently, the reporter has obtained two pieces of agate from Hami, all of which are like the size of the thumb. There is a natural transparent white patina. The inside is yellow, purple, red and white. The surface has uneven natural skin. The other skin is smooth. There are red, orange and white colors. White is like an embryo. It is eager to move in the mother's abdomen. A brown line like a silk thread is in the center of the "L" shape, which makes people wonder.

The reporter learned that high-quality natural agate will have a glass and oily luster, and the color is bright and bright, natural and pure. The texture will also be natural and smooth. The natural agate has a gradient color, the color and layering are distinct, and the strips are very obvious. Agate with a slightly lower quality will be relatively inferior in color and luster. When collecting and purchasing agate, the most important thing is the color, and the color determines whether it has an appreciation value. No matter what grade of agate, red, blue, purple, and pink colors are the best, no impurities, no sand, no cracks.

In addition, we must remind everyone that if you see the beautiful old agate in the Ming and Qing Dynasties on the market, you should beware of counterfeit goods. Because the process of engraving at that time, it is impossible to make the hole line smooth. At that time, the craft was twisted and twisted, and it was inverted. If you do not have these two characteristics, you can basically judge it as a fake.

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