Dream by poetry 2015 summer underwear bring you a woman wearing a refreshing experience

Spring, summer, autumn and winter no matter which season a lingerie always accompany women never betray, then choose a comfortable and healthy underwear for women is particularly important. Hot summer is not always out of a sweat, so fresh and breathable underwear is the best choice, dream poetry 2015 summer underwear, will be able to bring you the most extreme wearing experience.

Choose lightweight, comfortable and high quality fabrics is important, but stylish style can not be ignored, according to poetry underwear not only allows you to wear more health is to let you wear fashion.


Sky blue underwear gives a fresh feeling, a little chest lace gently wrap your chest, give you the most gentle care. Lower body underwear with a transparent design, so you change the second sexy woman.

梦依诗2015夏季内衣 带你女性清爽的穿着体验

White and purple with the underwear, into a little lace elements, this simple and fresh colors, fresh and breathable wear allows you to be more elegant and charming summer.

Dream by poetry 2015 summer underwear, allowing you to wear more refreshing, to give you the most extreme wearing experience.

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