Recommended new summer 丨 flower flowers dot stripes elegant

Walk through the spring of Nii fluttering, ushered in the thriving summer, is so colorful and brilliant, summer flavor, fresh but warm, as if a casual turn, or gentle and elegant, or lively and sweet, or sexy and elegant. Summer is a vibrant season, take off long-sleeved jeans, and sunshine come in close contact with it.


E & you will spend the never-ending element on the summer dress, as if walking in the Nordic Forest Garden, open this summer, a very romantic fashion prelude.

夏日新品荐丨碎花妆点 条纹飘逸

Little Lu Xiang shoulder romantic Iraqis, Floral Makeup point of fun, short skirts match the general tenderness, put on the E & you summer and holidays to a date, so as to live up to blooming youth.

夏日新品荐丨碎花妆点 条纹飘逸

This season's fresh and simple design of small floral dress, so return to the natural Nordic leisurely way to get a better interpretation of lifestyles, floral and plain complement each other, simple and neat, neat, just like a touch of sunshine, declared to the world E & you pursuit of the meaning of life, to express a relaxed fashion attitude.

夏日新品荐丨碎花妆点 条纹飘逸

In addition to the summer flowers, how to reduce the streaky elegant, this classic but extremely life-force black and white color, or bright or dark, or Yan or prime, or deep or shallow, jumping between the illusion and the thought. Striped design with elegant chiffon material, both the gas field can not be experienced, but also to maintain fairy femininity. How can your wardrobe less this one?

E & you Iraq cute summer new products are available now, welcome to visit the stores throughout the country.

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