Massimo Dutti brand casual wear new men's strong hit

Massimo Dutti, the Spanish fashion brand, was founded in November 1985 and started out as a man, belonging to Inditex Group with ZARA. MassimoDutti has its own design style, stylish and not blindly follow the trend, so that male friends have a more personal taste. At the same time pay attention to the perfect combination of fabric quality and texture and style. Then follow Xiaobian to see Massimo Dutti's new men's bar! A denim blue shirt, casual style is not very serious, but still cover the gentleman demeanor. Take a white primer shirt, unbuttoned the shirt with a few buttons, exudes an infinite charm of the man. Coupled with a dark-colored nine-point jeans, bare ankles are more tall and tall, but also more stylish. A brown belt, a pair of casual shoes, immediately create their own fashion up to people. If you say what color most can reflect the man's man's taste, of course, is the most pure white. The slightest color but the most caring men's physique, physical show most vividly. With a simple khaki trousers elegant, 尽显 men's elegant and dignified. With the same high-top shoes, but also for their handsome plus points. Picture credit: Massimo Dutti casual wear

White Aramid Fiber

1,good mechanical characteristics: Meta-aramid is a flexible polymer, fracture strength is higher than ordinary polyester, cotton, nylon, etc., the extension rate is relatively large,
2, excellent flame retardant heat resistance: Aramid limit oxygen index(LOI) is greater than 28, so it will not continue to burn when it leaves the flame. The flame retardant property of the interposition aramid of HUVIS is determined by its own chemical structure, therefore a kind of permanent flame retardant fiber, and it will not reduce or lose flame retardant performance due to the time of use and the number of washes. aramid has good thermal stability and can be used continuously at 205 °C, and can still maintain high strength at high temperatures greater than 205 °C. Huiwei's interposition aramid has a high decomposition temperature, and it will not melt or melt at high temperatures. When the temperature is greater than 370 °C, carbonization begins.
3, stable chemical properties: aramid has excellent resistance to most chemical substances, can withstand most high concentrations of inorganic acids, alkali resistance at room temperature is good.
Radiation resistance: The radiation resistance of aramid is very good. For example, its intensity remains unchanged under prolonged irradiation of 1.2 × 10-2 w/in2 ultraviolet rays and 1.72 × 108 rads gamma rays.
4, durability: Aramid 1313 excellent friction and chemical resistance performance, after 100 washes, the fabric processed with Neusda station aramid can still achieve more than 85 % of the original strength.
[flame retardant standard]
United States NFPA 1971, EU EN 469, Japan JIS L1091, China GB8965-98
[Application field]
1, military fire clothing fabrics and sewing, safety protective clothing fabrics and sewing
2, flame retardant high-temperature textile fabrics and sewing, flame retardant home textile fabrics and sewing.

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