Technology | Precautions for defects in several types of cheese yarn

In order to improve the quality of the packaged yarn, we used the method of rewinding the yarn in the daily work to check the quality of the packaged yarn. During the inspection, it was found that the yarns spun on the GA014 winder had bobbins, surface damage, overlapped yarns, poor forming, defective fittings, “small braid” yarns, and flying flower inserts. In response to these various quality issues, we have taken corresponding measures to prevent them.
(1) Loose tube. The defect is that some of the yarns are not tightly wound on the surface of the bobbin, but appear to be relatively loose, resulting in failure to unwind normally at high speed unwinding, resulting from the yarn tension being too small. Cause: The two tension bowls contain granular impurities or larger flyflowers, causing the tension bowl not to rotate and the yarn tension to be too small. The yarn probe fails, the smaller tension cannot hold the yarn test bar, and the yarn testing Raise the spinning; the yarn does not pass through the normal passage and is tensioned out of spinning. For the above reasons, the tension bowl can be cleaned in time, and the inspection of the yarn inspection bar is often performed, and tension spinning is avoided at the same time to enhance the quality awareness of employees. When the bobbin appears to have a "sponge" yarn defect, the loose yarn should be removed to prevent it from continuing to bobbin on the bobbin.
(2) The surface of the package is damaged. There are two kinds of damage on the surface of the cheese, one is that the surface of the bobbin is worn out, and the other is that the bobbin has a worn circle. The former is due to the damage from the box or the value of the presser on the failure of the detection bar on the weight of the yarn after the yarn breaks the head can not be automatically lifted. For this kind of situation, the maintenance worker must repair the damaged self-sustaining box and yarn inspection bar in time, and it is not allowed to be handled by the value-changer. The latter is due to the improper positioning of the spindle core or drum and the spindle. When this phenomenon is discovered, the repairer should fix the spindle and then produce it.
(3) Overlapping bobbin. Overlapping bobbin is caused by the bouncing drum being oversized, the rotation is not smooth, or the intermittent device of the winder is invalid. It is also easy to produce overlapped bobbins when the spindles are not angled properly. When such spindles appear, they must be repaired and reversed.
(4) Defective defects. Poorly formed bobbins are caused by the presence of yarn marks on the groove guides or incorrect operation of the value. For this kind of spindle, the maintenance engineer should perform grinding on the grooved cylinder. When the lathe operator does the cleaning, he should stop the cylinder and do it again to avoid damaging the grooved cylinder and affecting the formation of the bobbin.
(5) Failed connector. The unqualified joints mainly showed knotted yarns, low knot strength, and large knot hairiness. For the control of the knot quality, let the value-added mechanics develop the habit of checking the knot, and pay attention to avoid the phenomenon of yarn feeding caused by the excessive length of the yarn, and at the same time require the security engineer to check the quality of the splicer's splicer every day to ensure the quality. Connector splicing rate.
(6) "Small braid" yarn. This yarn defect is mainly caused by improper operation. When the winder stops and then drives, the yarn should be pulled tight and the self-locking handle should be pressed in order to prevent the yarn from appearing in the “small braid” yarn defect due to twisting.
(7) Flying flowers. The yarn defect is caused by the fly flower entering the bobbin behind the electronic yarn clearer or the electronic yarn clearer missing. In the production, the cleaning around the spindle should be strengthened to ensure the blowing effect of the dust blowing device; the electronic clearing device should be inspected to reduce the number of missing cuts, so as to effectively reduce the flying yarn defect in the package.
The improvement of the internal quality of the yarn requires the joint efforts of all employees. By increasing the level of operation and enhancing the sense of responsibility, the internal quality of the yarn can be reduced and the overall quality level of the yarn can be improved.

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