Navy stripes, fashion star this summer, dad hit the net!

With "Dad Going Where", "Daddy Comeback" and other parent-child programs, the star fashion industry instantly blows up the showbiz frenzy, and the dad's parent-child dress is even more noticed. In fact, celebrities and passers-by is just a "clothing" across the board, today, Rimula as you Qingxinxing dad shape. Fresh stripes, Mo Tian Tian Liang mother and childless If there is a baby small public enlightenment, as a father you will care of Canada, at any time with it. Tian Liang, wearing a fresh striped T-shirt, easily deduces the image of the most gratifying dad. Simple and neat navy stripes, so that dads instantly reduce age, wear full of youthful vitality. Knitting stripes, warm father Xiaopeng honey tenderness and daughter together, even the battle-hardened Olympic champion, will also show a gentle side. A dark striped coat, filling the deep charm of Li Xiaopeng.

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