How to operate gas singeing machine?

1, the gas singeing machine should be checked before the drive, clean fuel, and then according to the fruit process requirements with a good desizing, do a good job. The wearer relies on the cloth guide roller to change the running direction of the Fabric and the number of passes through the crater. The cloth route should be based on the proper tension of the fabric, convenient operation, and the principle of improving the singeing quality.

2. When driving, start the drive motor at the same time should open the air pump, wait for the fabric to reach the crater, that is to open the gas valve ignition, adjust the gas-air mixing ratio and flame height, the fabric from the reduction flame height is 5 ~ 15mm, and Adjust the speed to the specified requirements. In order to save flammable gas, the flame width should be adjusted slightly larger than the fabric width.

3. The quality of grey cloths is often checked during production and operation. It is necessary to prevent singeing from being clean, and to prevent scorching or even damage the fabric. The flame requirements are controlled at any time based on changes in gas pressure. There is water in the crater and the flame will beat. The crater sometimes gets clogged and causes sliver burns. Therefore, when the crater is found to be clogged, special tools are used to clear the crater. During the operation, attention should be paid to checking the concentration and temperature of the desizing solution, supplementing the desizing solution in time, and periodically checking the operation of the transmission and bearings. In the event of a sudden power outage or breakage during production, the gas should be quickly shut down, the fabric removed from the crater and the accident re-treated.

4. When parking, after the guide belt is out of the machine, quickly close the gas, transmission, and air system, and lift the rollers on the flat washing tank to do a clean job.
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