How to identify plum blossom tourmaline and best protect it?


The tourmaline is bright and colorful, and it is one of the women's favorite gemstones. The tourmaline type is basically divided into two parts according to the place of origin. One piece is the Brazilian tourmaline and the other is the Afghan tourmaline. According to the characteristics of product growth, it is divided into ordinary tourmaline and plum blossom tourmaline. And watermelon tourmaline.

So how to identify plum blossom tourmaline?

1, the tourmaline color should be pure and bright. Tourmaline has many colors, but no matter which color of the tourmaline, the decorations made of tourmaline with pure bright color have better aesthetics. And the more pure and bright the tourmaline color, the better its quality.

2, the purity of tourmaline is better. Most of the tourmalines contain impurities or inclusions, and even a few cracks are distributed on the surface, which is usually called purity. The higher the purity of tourmaline, the less impurities are contained and the less cracks, the better the quality. Bracelets made from high-purity tourmalines are more practical and aesthetically pleasing.


Plum blossom tourmaline maintenance method

It is very common and necessary to clean and maintain plum blossom tourmaline. The cleaning of tourmaline can keep the surface clean and clean, and clear the passage of tourmaline to release energy to the outside world. It can also keep the color of tourmaline bright and fresh. It can be said that the cleaning of tourmaline is an important maintenance method.

Some people have suggested that cleaning the tourmaline often may affect the color of the tourmaline, making its color fade. This statement is not correct, of course, the premise is under the natural tourmaline material conditions. Washing the natural tourmaline with water does not cause discoloration, so don't worry.

There is also a need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of tourmaline, that is, the temperature of clean water. In general, cleaning tourmaline can not use too cold or too hot water, especially can not be washed with hot water, hot water is easy to crack the tourmaline, remember. It is best to wash the tourmaline with warm water, and the water temperature close to our skin temperature can be used. This water temperature is best for cleaning tourmaline.

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