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The daily high temperature, so that everyone has a do not want to wear clothes impulse. That choose a nude color clothing is not exactly it? ! Fresh and simple color and skin color match each other, as if no clothes. However, small partners may be worried about this kind of clothes really nice, it will not be too monotonous? Then take a look at two nude color clothing brought by West Kou .

西蔻 - SIEGO

Short nude color dress, simple fashion. Not too bright colors to emphasize their youth, used to elegant elegance of the performance of their own quiet and elegant. Vest style dress, transparent wave point shoulder lace splicing is particularly moving. Skirt with neat ripples, but also a sense of delicate. Put on a white sunscreen shirt, soft blowing.

裸色衣服好看么 裸色衣服怎么穿好看

With a short paragraph of the dress, of course, ultimately, long section. Long skirts, bare bare legs, look more refined. Shoulder unique design, very bright spot. Off-shoulder lotus leaf cuffs, giving a unique sweet and sexy, coupled with a simple retro neckline ornaments, showing another flavor.

Picture Source: West Kou women's clothing

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