Take Wei Du, Xia Nanping Zhuo Wei Le children's clothing double Qi Qi signed power

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival and Father's Day, Zhuowei Le will welcome two good news: On June 15, Miss Chen of Fujian Nanchang and Mr. Chang Chang of Xuchang Changge joins the headquarter of Zhuowei Le to join hands with Zhuowei to sign the contract, Once again proved Zhuowei Le children's clothing brand far-reaching influence and unparalleled competitiveness. With the increasing popularity of Zhuowei Le children's clothing, more people are fancy children's clothing development prospects, many people have chosen to invest in joining "Zhuo Victoria music / Sogni Kids" children's clothing store. Zhuo Victoria music to good quality, design style, high quality service experience, consumers have won the recognition, to give children the best care. Zhuo Victoria music in Guangdong Top Ten children's fashion brand, is committed to 1-12-year-olds to provide lovely campus style, casual fashion and classic aristocratic high-end children's clothing. Integrating British fashion, classic, lovely elements into it, combined with the oriental children's temperament, focus on the children's flavor of the times.

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