Brown and Camel 2015/16 Trend Analysis

Lead: Rich browns and camels were put into the 2015/16 palette, which brought much-needed warmth for over-saturated cooler shades of black and white. This article analyzes the trend of 2015/16 in brown and camel so that we can have a better grasp of these two colors.

Rich browns and camels were thrown into the 2015/16 palette, and it was worthy of praise for the oversaturated cool shades of black and white that brought much needed warmth. Grey is still popular, but its dominance is suppressed by these new neutral colors. By analyzing the 2015/16 trends in brown and camel, let us have a better grasp of these two colors.

Brown and Camel 2015/16 Trend Analysis

Brown brings much-needed warmth to the season's flagship colors, reducing the attention to cool blue and gray shades. Dark chocolate and reddish wood or chestnuts enrich the variety of outdoor and traditional themed garments, especially coats and sweaters.

The brown-dominated color range brings an impressive start. This color, combined with the light tones of the makeup, looks very innovative; or it is matched with the gray and is more popular with consumers. For winter party outfits, this color can be mixed with richer berry colors and metallic highlights.

Brown and Camel 2015/16 Trend Analysis

Camel is matched with brown in this season, both of which are seasonal main colors and popular bright shades. The traditional sense of high quality occupies the dominant position in this hue, and consumers will buy these high-priced clothing items, such as jackets, and see this behavior as an investment. Camel enhances the warmth of luxury fabrics. Consumers buy not only camel wool or suede, but also dark camouflage sweaters.

Although the camel color makes the winter darkness more perfect, the true personality has a whole head-to-toe outfit.

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