Knit fabric color and pattern

Colors and patterns can reflect the atmosphere of people's lives and the environment. Soft and faded colors are the descriptions of simple and familiar lifestyles. Cold and deep colors mask people's psychological changes. Warm and sensual colors can provoke human nature. "Green" thinking is the theme that the world calls for in the 21st century. "Green" design is a design idea and method that aims to save and protect the environment. From the point of view of art designing, more from the point of returning to the environment of nature, the natural form, especially color and pattern, is introduced into the design, evoking the sense of love for nature and protection of nature.

The color pattern must be fashionable, keep pace with the times, use various design techniques, and high-tech, use various sceneries in nature as materials, and serve as the basis for the color pattern design of fabrics. On the basis of inheriting traditional color patterns, Giving change, adding novelty and sense of the times, innovation is bold, unprecedented, and normative. The design of color patterns should combine the aesthetic commonness of people and reflect the style of modern art.

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