Fashion jacket with a good coat to wear a good figure

Gradual expansion of the role of the belt, Shoulong waist, shaping the waistline, Slim was thin, creating a 窈 窕 fashionable young girl. Ingenious accessories with the right circumstances, often give the overall effect of wearing an unexpected surprise. Today to fashion people recommend several use their own cloth cutting waist belt jacket, so you perfectly gather a slender waistline.


Two-color woolen coats, neckline and cuffs are using the collision color design techniques, and the big body in stark contrast. Lining materials used lamb, played a warm effect. Belt itself made of waist belt can wear free. Inside with the basic paragraph shirt and the basic paragraph shorts, the overall simple and practical.

时尚系带外套搭配 轻松穿出好身材

Long section profile coat, drop sleeve design, sleeve sleeves. Waist belt tied the beautiful female curve. With the basic models sweaters and plaid shorts line. So that the wearer has a different atmosphere, elegant and stylish.

时尚系带外套搭配 轻松穿出好身材

In the long section of down jacket, waist belt itself to tie the bow. Large three-dimensional pocket design, with a dress or on the next to bring a touch of bright colors throughout the winter.

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