The main properties of wool fiber

1. Appearance: natural curl, scales on the surface, good cohesion;

2, strength: poorer than cotton fiber;

3, elasticity: good elastic recovery rate;

4. Plasticity: At 100°C, the fiber expands, softens, and loses its elasticity. If it cools immediately and pressurizes, the dimensions become stable.

5, shrinkage: is one of the outstanding features of wool fiber;

6, warmth: better than other fibers, warm winter warmth of the best;

7, moisture absorption and air permeability: both are better, the reason comes from the fiber's own performance;

8, heat resistance: poor, at 100 ~ 105 °C when the yellow fiber becomes hard;

9, water resistance: 40 ~ 50 °C when the fiber will be water swelling, a significant drop in strength;

10, acid and alkali resistance: acid and alkali resistant, alkali has a corrosive effect;

11, light resistance: poor, long sunshine hours, the fiber turns yellow, strong decline.

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