Urban women heart spring and summer 2015 new, both fashion and comfort


"Winter is coming, can spring be far behind?" Although we are still in the cold, we can not be submerged in this dull, but can not stop the pace of our pursuit of fashion. January, by the sexy anchorwoman endorsement of the urban women's heart brand 2015 spring and summer also released new products, let us take a look at what features and highlights it!



201329 3/4 thin mold cup bra

This section bra cup type focus on the effect, inclusive. Cup noodles with high-end delicate lace with a soft mesh gauze design, simple and elegant, full of charm. Broaden the next grilled, folder bent pull, can effectively cover the palate and armpit fat and fursalia, but also to prevent the chest drooping, filling the sexy moving body.



201306 3/4 thin mold bra

This section bra breathable, good elasticity. Take the 2015 simple fashion design concept. Exquisite, delicate stripes fine mesh and geometric patterns with lace, even more detailed and cute. Functional design, higher side, more effective and stable armpit and back fat, gathers the chest, convincing comfortable.

In addition to bra-oriented products pay more attention to docile and comfortable with functional design, the urban woman heart 2015 spring and summer new home service, fresh and comfortable cotton woven fabrics, pleasant sweet dress style, style is absolutely amazing.

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