Winter coat with surgery to create a variety of shapes

On January 21 this year, in 2015, the arrival of the winter jackets of the influx of people still attracted the attention of women. In winter, no matter how cold the weather is, it can't stop people from reaching the beauty of fashion. The weather this winter is warmer than last year and it is very suitable for wearing coats. Warm and stylish jacket can be said to be the most essential item in this season. The following is the recommended most popular jacket item for this winter!


Double-breasted design of the basic style coat, it is very good-looking skin color, strong thickness, winter wear will not be cold, stylish khaki brown, with T-shirt jeans and sports shoes, showing the natural LOOK daily.


Fluffy raccoon wool hooded jacket, light and warm thickening filling, matte light pink green tone, adding a bit of vitality to the winter color, with knitwear and high waist skirts, creating a minimalist fresh air.


Feminine collar-free coat, fluffy wool texture wool blend material, double-breasted, zipper design at the hem, will not be bloated, take a slim foot pants, wear casual feminine street feeling.


High-collar sweater + suede texture pants, outside the Mustang coat, soft and fluffy, the collar is very warm, there is no burden on the thickness, will not be swollen, that can wear handsome cool charm, but also to the whole body Extraordinary temperament.


The handsome and spacious version of the double-breasted coat has a relatively large overall design, with pocket designs on both sides, and is very practical. It also has the effect of creating bright points. It is equipped with sweaters, casual trousers and leopard-printed shoes to create a very personal character. Modern range children. (Collaborative Media: True Australian Kangaroo leather goods Mohemi shoes)

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