In addition to cotton, children wear what fabric clothing most suitable?

Kids love to play nature, coupled with the skin is more delicate, so when choosing clothes to choose breathable and comfortable, with children's body. That except cotton, there are other suitable fabric it? Card today to share the basic knowledge of children's wear fabrics, do not worry about buying clothes in the future. 1, natural cotton fabric, comfortable to wear, breathable, warm, but easy to wrinkle, easy care, poor durability, easy to fade. So rarely 100% cotton fabric usually contains more than 95% cotton called cotton. (1) Advantages: strong moisture absorption --- cotton fiber is a porous material, the internal arrangement of molecules is irregular, and the molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic structure. Warmth ---- cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat, the cotton fiber cavity is filled with non-flowing air, wearing comfortable --- does not produce static electricity, breathable, sensitive, easy to clean. (2) Disadvantages: easy to crease --- poor cotton fiber elasticity. Large shrinkage ---- Cotton fiber has a strong water absorption, when it absorbs moisture to make cotton fiber expansion, resulting in shortening the deformation of cotton yarn Knitwear generally accepted by the shrinking range of 5% mildew ----- in the wet In the case of bacteria or fungi, cotton fibers break down into their favorite nutrient, dextrose, and mold the fabric. Cotton fibers such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, strong decline, the fiber will be hard and brittle, such as the case of oxidants, bleaching powder or oxidative dyes, will make the fiber strength decreased, brittle hair fibers (3) Washing: Wash or hand wash, but due to the poor flexibility of the fiber, it is best to wash light wash or do not use strong hand wash, so as not to change the clothes affect the size. Cotton is best washed with cold water to maintain the original color. In addition to white cotton, the other color shirt is best not to use bleach containing detergent or detergent. So as not to cause bleaching, but also not fall directly onto the cotton washing detergent, in order to avoid local bleaching. Wash the dark color shirt and light color shirt separately. (4) Dry clothes: After the strip should be quickly formed to hang dry, in order to reduce wrinkles. (5) Ironing: high temperature, available high temperature to 200Co to iron. 2, single-sided plain cloth surface is a low needle, the bottom is a high needle, weave strong, thin than the double-sided fabric, thin, light, breathable, absorbent, flexible, smooth surface, relatively easy to wrinkle and deformation, Shirt 3, knitted double-sided cloth on the surface and the bottom of the cloth, like the bottom of the cloth weave than the ordinary knitted fabric smooth, elastic and absorbent sweat for T-shirts. 4, velvet weft knitted fabric, a fabric side, upright fibers or gauze formed by the suede covered fluff Fine height of 1.5-5cm Soft touch Swan-like velvet, hence the name velvet. By the terry knit by the circle or by the ring with knitted loop knit by the ring from the product, from the ground yarn and velvet yarn composed of generally low elastic polyurethane yarn or low stretch nylon yarn. Is conducive to the prevention of falling velvet fixed velvet cotton yarn commonly used polyester or cotton blended yarn or other staple yarn. Bright and natural color, velvet feeling full, feel comfortable and soft. 5, corduroy feel soft, velvet straight, clear lines, plump plump, durable texture fastness. 6, fine coral velvet texture, soft lint, can not afford to ball. Do not fade. Excellent water absorption, is three times the cotton products. No irritation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance, rich colors. Is the rise of foreign cotton bathrobes alternative products. 7, fleece Polar fleece is a kind of knitted fabric, is a small ingot knit structure, the fabric front rags, shake particles fluffy but not easy to lose hair, pilling, anti-rash sparse thin symmetry, short hair, clear texture , Fluffy elastic particularly good. Its ingredients are generally polyester, soft touch. It is the first choice for keeping warm. 8, Fleece Fleece Fleece, Fleece Fleece Fabric has a strong style and texture, soft, comfortable, good elasticity, strong abrasion resistance, villi can store a lot of air, so the thermal performance is good. 9, Terry Cloth This fabric feels plump thick, cloth body firmly solid, elastic, hygroscopicity, good warmth, terry structure is stable, with good performance. Mainly used as sportswear, lapel T-shirts, sleepwear, children's clothing and other fabrics.

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