The effect of various colors of crystal

Crystal is also very popular in our daily life. It can be worn not only by us but also by people. But do you know? Different crystals have different functions and meanings. Let's share with you the effects of various crystals.

Tea crystal effect

Tea crystal is known as the stone of regeneration. Its regenerative ability is relatively strong, it can promote the speed of wound healing, increase immunity, activate cells, restore cell vitality, and thus make a person younger. It absorbs the filthy gas and the evil effect is also good.

Ghost crystal effect

Ghost crystal is also called "Ghost God of Wealth". The reason is that its color is very similar to that of the US dollar, and it has a strong ability to attract wealth and often becomes a business partner. Help to open up the mind, release the mind, and gather wealth. At the same time it can strengthen our heart function and calm our mood.

White crystal effect

White crystal is called "King of Crystal" because of its beautiful white. It is the most representative, most functional, most widely used and most helpful gemstone in the crystal family. White crystal has a high degree of transparency and can be used to ward off evil spirits, town houses, rickets, and Buddhas.

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