Reasonable application of constant temperature and humidity test chamber LRHS has a coup

After purchasing the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, the customer must first learn the operating instructions. Master device performance. Secondly, summarizing the daily use experience and applying it is also very beneficial for the maintenance of equipment. LRHS teaches you to apply the constant temperature and humidity test chamber reasonably:

1. According to the different conditions of the test sample, select the test equipment correctly and rationally, select the test box with reasonable size and volume according to the size and characteristics of the test sample, ensure the uniformity of temperature and humidity inside the box, and ensure the normal test.

2. Before the test, the corresponding preparations should be done to fully understand the performance, test conditions, test procedures and test techniques of the test samples. Eliminate test samples containing flammable and explosive substances, familiar with the operation of test equipment, to avoid the abnormal operation of the test equipment caused by mistakes, affect the accuracy of the data, and even damage the sample.

3. According to the test, it is required to correctly add the medium to be added to the test. For example, distilled water or purified water that needs to be added in the test cannot be replaced by tap water. The amount added should also be added strictly as required.

4, to ensure the quality of the wet ball gauze of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, must be the special "wet ball gauze" woven into linen. According to the requirements, the gauze length is 100mm, the sensor probe is tightly wound, the probe is 25-30mm away from the humidity cup, and the gauze is immersed in the water cup to ensure the correctness of the wet bulb thermometer.

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber should pay attention to at least the above four points before the test. The reasonable application can not only ensure the accuracy of the test, but also reduce the fault of the test box and prolong the service life.

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