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Apparel mainly embroidery will certainly make people feel very refined, but more hand-embroidery precious, but also remember the Fan-style robes that dress? Is pure hand-embroidered special exquisite Xiaobian to introduce embroidery under the clothing style, the Chinese-style children's clothing brand Wang Xiaohe winter red embroidery printing style with. Peony is China's national flower, hat embroidered embroidery style, big red, rose red, two colors of vest skirt style take white, black bottoming shirt can be, red vest skirt style like the sun in winter, you can Illuminate everyone, make the little girl's dress become the most dazzling, the most pleasant. New Year is coming, what clothing is most suitable for New Year wear it? Of course, the little girl to wear a festive little color, this dress is also red and rose two colors, embroidered embellishment is very delicate, but also very noble, holiday wear is very suitable, dress style is also very sweet lovely.

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