Autumn long paragraph wide leg pants with high heels wear charming temperament

This autumn we all need a stylish and comfortable pair of pants to resist the weather. Xiaobian today recommended for you New York wide leg pants with high heels, so you not only sexy in this autumn feminine, but also wide leg pants can help you build a golden ratio figure a big weapon, the following together Look!


Black nine wide leg pants, making the legs more slender legs, slim waist, is undoubtedly short stature essential single product, with a beige jacket and black high heels, but also to highlight the strong urban women field.

秋季长款阔腿裤搭配高跟鞋 穿出迷人气质

Jade red wide leg pants, light stripes design, will not let its significant monotonous, with the same color round neck coat to take the black primer shirt, wearing a pair of black cross-heels, not only to create a Swaying feminine sense of grace, it is to let you wear out with gold, so you have a second invincible a good proportion.

Xiaobian believe that both commute, eat or date, with the fashion wide-leg pants are a good choice, not only to cover the leg is not perfect lines, with high heels but also out of the golden ratio figure, serve two purposes, it is worth Own a single product.

Photo Source: Newfoundland brand women's clothing

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