Intimate parent-child mount mother and daughter's equipment

Daughter is a mother's little cotton jacket, but also a father's past life little lover, and dad work outside the words and deeds of the major tasks to the mother, the relationship between daughter and mother will naturally many, dad can not be jealous Oh. How does the mom and daughters show sweetness? One set can personally show the warmth between mother and daughter. angelstage angel stage childrens clothing brand, as you recommend two mother and daughter new, warm motherhood in the cold winter. Angel stage - angel stage children's clothing parent-child collection of blue long paragraph down jacket, in winter as a warm and essential clothing, especially in the cooling rain and snow weather. Here a pair of parent and child down jacket style, design common, warm and practical, suitable for children lively, but also for the mother in the interaction with her daughter playful, full of warmth between mother and daughter. Angel stage - angel stage children's wear parent-child loading two down jacket here is more self-cultivation style, not too short, but not very long, just to the buttocks, just like a lantern skirt shrouded in the buttocks around the thin legs long. A circle of hair and cuffs at the hat in a circle of hair, add a sense of fun, closer to the distance between mother and daughter, even more intimacy.



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