What do you know about the meaning of various diamond inlays?

The sparkle of the diamond depends on the 4C, and its inlaying process is one of the indispensable elements of the diamond. It seems to be only a difference in craftsmanship. In fact, for a diamond of the same size, the visual perception of different mosaics will be different.

Not only that, but the different diamond inlays show the unique taste of the wearer. Here's a small series to share the meaning of diamond claws inlay!

Three-prong setting

On behalf of "I Love You", while the triangular state of the three-point organization is the most stable, containing mutual love, love is indestructible.

According to the third letter "C" of the 26 letters, it is equivalent to "Care" in English, meaning "care". The degree of concern expresses the importance of one party to the other. The three-pronged diamond ring also reflects intense heat. Caring.

Four-prong setting

Representing the love of "Lifetime". According to the fourth letter "D" of the 26 letters, the equivalent of "Digest" in English means "understanding".

In love, when we always have emotional ups and downs, we need to be tolerant and understanding each other. At the same time, in the marriage life, the status of the two people must be equal and symmetric, and jointly build a harbor of warm love.

Six-prong setting

The six-prong setting is the crown setting method. Wearing it is the other party holding you in the palm of your hand and treating it as a princess. According to the sixth letter of the 26 letters, "Free" means freedom. Implied in love, marriage, should give the other party the right to freedom and keep secrets.

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