[New look at Man] Shakespeare compilation with the fashion master 奥菲曼 2015 spring and summer new aesthetics!

The playwright William Shakespeare is the most important English writer in the European Renaissance. In his early works, the word "dream" appeared particularly frequently. The subconscious is thus presented in a dream, revealing the true thoughts, feelings or desires of the person.

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"Midsummer Night's Dream" is one of the representatives. The story takes place in the city and the forest, awake and sleep, between reality and fantasy. Plot intertwined with rational and subconscious, passion and anxiety, chaos and freedom, hidden many unpredictable factors, as if a colorful dream.

【新品曼看】与莎士比亚共谱时尚巨著 奥菲曼2015春夏新品唯美上市!

Among them, the fairy, forest, elves, magic, lovers, or the coffin and donkey head bumpkins and other factors, so that the stage full of mystery and charm, the audience in a fantasy theater, the visual changes bring Psychological wonderful experience.

【新品曼看】与莎士比亚共谱时尚巨著 奥菲曼2015春夏新品唯美上市!

Aofei Man 2015 spring and summer new products to get inspiration to Shakespeare's play element as a muse, the retro century 60'S, 70'S trend structure, the colorful print blooming in the fresh and elegant fabrics. Sweet flowers with soft fantasy colors, the designer carefully created a romantic garden nestled in the forest. Ingenious use of these elements, the product adds a jungle-like atmosphere and extraordinary beauty.

【新品曼看】与莎士比亚共谱时尚巨著 奥菲曼2015春夏新品唯美上市!

Dramatic art and fashion cross-border integration, the trend of fashion has a rich cultural heritage and content. This adhering to the Aofei Man brand has been the art position. At the birth of Midsummer Night's Dream, it was the Renaissance in Europe that people began to recognize the value and significance of their existence. The works expressed the ideal of harmony, freedom and harmony between man and nature of the time. This coincides with the brand spirit advocated by Aofei Man.

【新品曼看】与莎士比亚共谱时尚巨著 奥菲曼2015春夏新品唯美上市!

2015 Spring New Fragrant Medallion, Dream Garden, Forest Rhythm three series, one after another in the major shopping malls one after another beautiful bright field, full color value, a romantic encounter as scheduled.

【新品曼看】与莎士比亚共谱时尚巨著 奥菲曼2015春夏新品唯美上市!

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