Why is the jade bracelet so expensive?

Frequently, Cuiyou complained: The same is jade, why is the pendant relatively cheap, and the bracelet is so expensive?

In fact, many friends must have such questions, to see what causes.

When a piece of wool is placed in front of a jade carving master, the jade carving master must first consider how to cut as many bracelets as possible, followed by the core of the bracelet to make a pendant. If there are small pieces of scrap, then the beads can be said to be large. Most of the good materials have been made into bracelets, which is why the bracelet is the most expensive.

Moreover, the industry is accustomed to when the experts buy wool, it is estimated that the maximum number of bracelets can be used to budget the price of wool, therefore, the bracelet is also a weather vane of the jade market, the price of wool, the bracelet is also the first Price increase.

So since the bracelet can be carved, why are there any big and small bracelets on the market? In fact, this is mainly due to the fact that it is a matter of fact. Imagine if a bracelet is big enough to make a big note and a big circle, would the jade carving artist deliberately make it a small child bracelet?

A naturally occurring jade stone is indispensable for some flaws, so the jade carving master has carved out large or small bracelets in order to avoid these defects. The bracelet is big, naturally it is more expensive, smaller, and it will be cheaper. Someone will ask, sometimes the size of the bracelet is so small, but the price is so much worse, why?

In fact, you don't have to worry about this little bit of difference. If you remember the measurement formula of the circumference of the primary school, you will accept it. The circumference is 3.14 times the diameter. If you call a point difference, it will be enlarged by 3.14 times in the circumference. The same material will be increased accordingly. Since the material is increased, it means that a larger piece is needed. The embers of the jade, so the price will be more expensive. It is for this reason that the price of the same kind of water will never match the price of the safety bracelet.

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