Congratulations to Kaki House children's wear Shenzhen Nanshan Haiya grand opening of the store

Heavy news, heavy news! ! ! January 15, KHAKI KIA housing Shenzhen Nanshan Haiya grand opening of new stores, during the new store activities, KHAKI Kaki housing feedback old and new customers, a lot of concessions, the new store opening gift is so much, that is so headstrong! Opening of the new store, offers a huge discount 1. Where the consumer in the counter, VIP card that send a VIP; 2. During the event, holding card Qiawu VIP card, shopping malls VIP card to shop consumption, you can enjoy 5% discount (specials Except for the opening); 3. Opening privilege, the audience goods 5 fold; 4. During the event to buy our products over 399 yuan, that is, send a beautiful gift opening; 5. Opened the day before the 20 into the shop customers can get free fashion A gift box. Time: January 15, 2015 to January 31, the new store Address: Nanshan Road, Nanshan Road, Shenzhen Commercial and Cultural Center, Haiya Department Store, 7th Floor, Kaya House counter Welcome Haiya new store, more surprises waiting for you Revealed, more gifts waiting for you to receive! !

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