Warmly congratulate the pop style women Jiangsu Jingjiang Taihe International Store grand opening

Pop style women's opening news one after another one after another in recent days, there are two or three stores have opened, this is a wave, the wave of fashion will be shared with you, pop style women's fashion has come into your side, and recently , Jiangsu Jingjiang Taihe international pop-style women's clothing store opened a grand, I wish Thai international business and business is booming, Caijin Guangjin! Address: Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, Taihe International pop-up women's clothing on the second floor

普普风 - FGFEEL


Pop style shop decoration are based on wood-based, so feel special retro, but also the color of wood is particularly chic, people can shop at one glance to see this shop, and the opening of new store balloon is also very Dazzling Pop style women's clothing store opening ceremony to keep hurry to take a look at it.



Popular style of the exhibition, as well as the display section is also different from other shops, personalized display hanging, each piece of clothing are hanging up, like their own clothes, and each display plate version is different, each style A display plate, no matter what style you are absolutely make you fall in love with this brand.

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